Music to Make Every Day a Serene, Peaceful Experience

Why Health Sounds Music?

Here at Health Sounds Music, we know what it’s like to feel so stressed that you cannot function. We understand dehabilitating depression. We’ve experienced chronic pain.

We’ve found a way to thrive instead of only survive… and that’s through meditating to scientitifically and intuitely designed music.

There’s a Perfect Health Sounds ™ Album for You…

If you’re stressed out.
If you’re overwhelmed.
If you suffer from anxiety.
If you need more clarity.
If you need to heal from emotion scars.
If you need to decrease chronic pain.
Or if you just want to feel dang good & happy!
And at instant digital downloads, you can’t get it any better.

Give Health Sounds Music a try!

The Most Soothing, Restful Music for Meditation


  • A full hour music album (3 songs, approximately 20 min each) designed for deep meditation and relaxation.

  • Feel refreshed, calm, and relaxed.

  • Perfect for long meditation sessions, massages, energy work, and yoga.

Instant Download – $13 USD

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Lori-ann’s compilation of healing music on the album Tranquility is nothing short of amazing! These peaceful yet powerful sounds are beautiful and I love that it is original music. I highly recommend this CD to anyone and everyone, especially those looking to reduce stress and/or anxiety. Tiffany

As I listened, I could feel my heart slow down and my body relax. It was great. You did a wonderful job with the music. After hearing the CD, I knew I had to give it to a client. He has MS and we have been working on finding ways to relax and find a method of meditation. Lorraine

I am being completely honest when I say I’ve never had one song put me in such a meditative/altered state before! This is an awesome song, a great addition to your album. So, pretty much… I’ve been listening to this song NON-STOP before I work on anything since it puts me in such a great space. Samantha


Gentle and Soothing; Relaxing Music for the Busy-Person


  • Quick, 4-6 minute meditation and relaxation songs, perfect for the busy person.

  • Feel soothed and relaxed, even after the most hectic of days.

  • Settle your mind and calm your spirit.

  • Feel the inspiration of nature through the gentle piano music, dreamy soundscapes, and ethereal vocals.

Instant Download – $13 USD

Click the “play” button for limited streaming and the “buy” button for instant download

Wow! Amazing, soothing, brilliant… the list goes on and on. I downloaded Journey last night and am listening as I type this. You should take a bow! Carl

I love Journey! It is very relaxing. It’s more than just a piano music CD. It’s done just right to relax and calm you. I put some essential oils in the bath, lit a candle, turned on the CD and was ready to fall asleep in the bath. That night I slept very peacefully. Katie

I received Journey the other day and I am listening to it as I type this, Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. Healing happens on a lot of different levels and with a variety of modalities, but music is special because it touches the soul! Lynn


Ethereal Brain Candy that Stimulates and Comforts


  • Music to help you go from a place of pain to a place of healing.

  • Transcend the unseen darkness of pain to find your true self.

  • Music set in intrinsic instrumentation and otherworldly vocals.

  • Eclectic combination of Electronica, Ambient, Trip-Hop, and Trance music in this one-of-a-kind album.

Instant Download – $13 USD

Click the “play” button for limited streaming and the “buy” button for instant download

Your music and voice are truly amazing. You have an amazing gift. The world needs talented people to show it’s creative beauty and baby, you got it all. Cameron

Someone speaks very highly of you and recommended me your album, Unseen, insisting that because of my musically preferences I would enjoy your voice. That someone knows me well. Very nice! Kate

I have enjoyed your album “Unseen” since I bought it. I respect and admire your talent at raising your family and creating such beautiful music at the same time. Ray

The Person Behind the Music

I’m Lori-ann Cunningham, Founder & Chief Composer here at Health Sounds Music.

I’ve been a professional recording artist since 2006 and craft my music during limited nap times and school times. (Have you ever tried to be creative with four wrestling boys around? You wouldn’t be able to think either!)

My music works and I know what I’m talking about:


  • I personally used my music to manage an excruciatingly painful pregnancy. Nothing else worked for my pain, expect those glorious times during and after relaxing to my music.
  • 100’s of people have used Health Sounds Music to make their lives more positive and enjoyable.
  • Before starting Health Sounds Music, I was a multiple channel winner on
  • I was awarded the Female Vocalist of the Year from Colorado Mesa University… twice!
  • I earned a BA (Magna Cum Laude) in Vocal Performance from Colorado Mesa University.
  • I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with a holistic health coach certification.

Got Questions? Let’s Answer Them!

Q. What makes Health Sounds Music so different and special?
A. We create our music with the specific knowledge about how the body responds to music. We use a combination of technology, science, frequency work, as well as creative intuition to create the one-of-a-kind Health Sounds™ songs.

Q. Will Health Sounds Music create miracles in my life?
A. Well, as much as we’d like to say yes, it depends. There is no guaranteed miracle in life, so it really depends on how often you strategically use the music and your own belief that it will work. Plus, you actually have to like the music! If you don’t, then I don’t know why you’re reading so much on this page…

Q. How will I receive my music once I buy it?
A. You’ll immediately receive an email with all the details for you to download the files.

Q. Are these albums available on iTunes? Why should I buy them from you?
A. Yes, these three albums are available on iTunes and Amazon. However, these platforms take a cut by using their services. By purchasing directly from Health Sounds Music, you’re supporting independent artists are the center, where more of the revenue can be put to good use, like making more music for you to enjoy! And you get to hear directly from us to be in the loop of new releases and tips and tricks.

Q. Are there going to be more albums released on iTunes?
A. Unfortunately, probably not. The music industry has changed and so here at Health Sounds Music, we’re running with those changes and am ahead of the curve. Enjoy these albums but know there’s much more Health Sounds Music has to offer!

Q. Are these albums available as CD's?
A. Yes they are! They’re $20 each, plus shipping. Contact Lori-ann directly at lori-ann [at] if you’re interested. They make perfect gifts!

Q. Why are all these albums made by Lori Cunningham instead of Health Sounds Music?
A. Our founder & creator has been a professional recording artist for many years. She released music under the shortened name, Lori Cunningham, before embracing her full name of Lori-ann in her business. It was during this time that she released these albums under her Music Health Coach brand. Since then, she’s transitioned to the Health Sounds Music brand.